Monday, December 15, 2008

cookies -

I owe the IS guys in my hospital a big thank you for getting us going on a proxy server for our on-line journals, so I was overjoyed to see new cookie recipes in The ambrosia macaroons sound especially godd, so I'll be baking up a storm this week.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

# 10 - photos and reviews

I wrote a review of Worlds End, a peninsula that feels like an island, in Hingham. Luckily, even with 10 previous reviews, no one had mentioned the kayak lessons given from the park. I had also been there so often that I had many photos so added five of my own. This was fun !



comedy central

Comedy Central link

rss feeds

I got behind during the rss feeds week because Google shut down my blog. Trying to catch up on the rss feeds part, I think I got one for the Wall Street Journal and Comedy Central, , so far. Feeds two aspects of my life.

photo album


Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's classified

I LOVE Craigslist. I've rented a house through it and helped my son find summer jobs and athletic equipment. My one caveat is that when one advertises on it, the responses can be fraudulent. My blog was shut down because in showing one of the responses which was trying to get me to hand over my bank account #, Googel thought I had a spam blog. It took 6 days to get the blog unblocked. So just be ery cynical about your responses and then enjoy Craigslist. Our very reputable hospital now uses Craigslist for most of it's job postings. The Globe and Herald are quite expensive and get many fewer responses. I looked at the on-line classifieds of those two papers and was very unimpressed as far as number of ads and ease ofg use.

Social Networking usefullness

I would expect that social networking could help with giving me ideas for free lance things to do after retirement for interest and profit.

I would like social networking to elicit ideas for my current job especially as regards technology - like things we are learning in this course.

Perhaps social networking could help me when the time comes to sell my current home and find another smaller one on Cape Cod.

I do photography and oil painting for pleasure but would like to earn some money at it, so perhaps social networking could help with ideas for that.

Finally, perhaps social networking could help with tips on travel to places like France.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three things the blog will be useful for...rare book purchase in France

1. Learn about buying rare books at the source. I hope to visit my son in France (Dijon) where he is spending a semester and thought that perhaps I could visit some rare medical book dealers while there to see if I can purchase without the middle man. If anyone has any ideas of dealers to visit, please let me know. This is a personal/work related project.

2. Somehow, set up a blog that can be used as a way for our staff to write book reviews for new or classic medical books - ala Amazon. Not sure how to do this, but would love hints.

3. Creative ideas for part time jobs a retired medical librarian/archivist can do to earn a little money and have fun.

What I've learned so far !

Not being very savvy about web 2.0 things, I'm terrified half the time I try to do any of these assignments and since I've had a very heavy end of the year workload, I've had a good excuse to give up when I couldn't do something. Today (end of the year things are mostly finished) I decided to bite the bullet and try to figure stuff out.

I was so envious of all of you who knew how to post something, but the Blogger instructions were great and I think, I hope, I'm doing it.

Also, I've never used Gmail before so this is an adventure in itself. I'm quite used to Yahoomail and it's an old friend, but being forced to use Gmail is good as I try to figure it out as I try to learn about blogging.